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Cat_Beardsley_PhotographerI am Cat and I have been a wedding photographer since 2013. I am happy I have done a good job in my work when my clients tell me they re-lived the emotions from their wedding day as they browsed through their Photos Gallery. I want you, my clients, to see the joy, the laughter, the tears, the fun, the beauty of it all, right there in your  wedding photographs, forever. And I also want you to see your dear ones, in beautiful portraits and candid moments, as you celebrated together on the day.

I will photograph most moments of your wedding day in an unobtrusive way, I go with the flow and with the family dynamics, it is important to me to allow you to enjoy your day. When the time comes for the family portraits and the bride and groom portraits, however, I steer away from pure photojournalism. These are times when input from the photographer can make a big difference in the final result and this is where my experience and creativity will come into play. These are moments I love dearly because I believe in their lasting value. They’re the sort of photos that become precious as time goes by. They will remind you about your grandparents 20 years from now and they will remind your children about you, their parents, on their wedding day 50 years from now.

You will often hear me talk about the light and following the light in my wedding photography. Light is my priority, which I why I will ask you to trust me and come along, let’s follow the light and we will create beautiful wedding photographs together! The photographs you see in my Portfolio are the result of the following key elements: following the light, being given the freedom to create what I see with my mind’s eye, great locations and nature surroundings and a couple who wants these photos just as much as I do.

If this is you, then please get in touch and tell me all your wonderful hopes & thoughts for your wedding day and how we can capture beautiful memories together!