Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding // Rachel and Steve

Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0530

Aylestone Court Hotel Weddings are bound to be very relaxed and fun weddings (a dream for photographers like me and Richard), and this is due to at least two reasons:

  • the type of clients that would choose this location are likely to be ones that care about themselves and their guests enjoying the wedding day
  • the family that has recently taken over the hotel are relaxed, friendly and very welcoming, doing their best for the event to be a success

Aylestone Court Hotel is a beautiful Georgian city centre hotel, restaurant and function venue in Hereford, UK. We met its new owners Jo and Michael a few months ago, when Rachel and Steve invited us into their lives by asking if we wanted to photograph their wedding that was taking place there. This venue suits small weddings with a cosy feeling and this is pretty much what Rachel and Steve wanted for their day: friends and family around, English tea party and games on the lawn!

We couldn’t have been more impressed with Jo and Michael and so have the bride and groom: they went out of their way to help with putting up the bunting that morning and offer to help with anything they could to make the preparations easier for the couple. I have just read the review that Steve left for Aylestone Court Hotel on trip advisor, it says it all really! We were booked for part of the day only but we started a little bit earlier and paid a visit to the hotel before the ceremony to get some photos of the preparations and decorations. Jo took time that morning to show us around and tell us a little bit about the crockery and napkins that were meant to not match, as the couple wanted, and showing us the games on the lawn all ready for them to come and enjoy them.

As for Rachel and Steve themselves, they were a real match with our photographic style. They allowed us to be ourselves and capture everything as we saw fit, which is the most important aspect for us. We enjoyed discovering their story and character through the quiz they’d prepared for their guests and the flower arrangements and favours they made themselves. Each table had its own wedding cake, a tea pot shaped wedding cake, which was made by Rachel’s daughter, with Rachel’s help. It looked so real that Steve was afraid people might actually pick one up to have some tea before it was due! A very special moment in their day was their blessing, done by their friend Tony at the Christian Life Centre, which was held at the venue, after the Town Hall Ceremony. The flower archway was provided by Diva Weddings and Events.

All we can say is thank you to Rachel and Steve for choosing us and for putting together a wedding with such lovely details. Well done guys, it looked like you enjoyed it as much as your guests, which is fantastic!

Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0512Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0513Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0514Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0515Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0516Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0517Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0518Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0519Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0520Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0521Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0522Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0523Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0524Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0525Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0526Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0527Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0528Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0529Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0531Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0532Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0533Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0534Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0535Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0536Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0537Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0538Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0539Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0540Aylestone Court Hotel Wedding Hereford_0541

If you would like to view all of the photos from Rachel and Steven’s wedding please follow this link to their password protected gallery

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