Brobury House, Herefordshire // Jasmine’s Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremony - Brobury House Herefordshire

Brobury House in Herefordshire in known for booking a small amount of intimate weddings every year but this time I wasn’t asked to photograph a Brobury House wedding. It was Jasmine’s Naming Ceremony and I had been recommended for my natural and unobtrusive style. I accepted to be the photographer for the day as I resonated with several different aspects: it was going to be an English garden tea party celebrating the naming of a little sweet girl for which her parents chose a characterful location that had meant something to them for very many years. There was meaning behind every aspect of this day and there was a fair amount of outdoor photography involved  – this is what I love photographing!

Brobury House is a Victorian building on the banks of the river Wye in Herefordshire. Their gardens are known in the area for their outstanding beauty – they get daily guests and visitors coming over from other parts of the country to see it. Laura, Jasmine’s mother, had this venue in mind for a very specific reason: Brobury House is the place they come to every year for a family holiday, in fact it is the place where she had been coming since she was Jasmine’s age. Brobury House will now be the place where Jasmine will come to every year so the tradition continues. A tree has been planted on the day, a tree that will grow together will Jasmine from now on. They had their closest friends join them, everyone having traveled from other counties to Brobury House for this occasion.

I am very pleased to mention the supplier’s names that I collaborated with for this naming ceremony, everyone’s work helped so much for this event to have the character desired by the client! We worked so well together and I would absolutely love to work with them all again in the future. We are like minded and share the same values for our trade:

Flowers: by Jo  at Issy & Bella
Catering: by Katie Light
Venue: Pru and Keith Cartwright at Brobury House, Herefordshire

JasmineJasmineNaming ceremony - Brobury House Herefordshire

JasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineNaming ceremony - Brobury House HerefordshireJasmineJasmineJasmineNaming ceremony - Brobury House HerefordshireJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmineJasmine

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