Emma and Mike // A Christmas Wedding at Munstone House, Herefordshire

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Soon after I posted the photos of Michelle and Lee on my facebook page last year, Emma contacted me asking if I wanted to photograph her upcoming wedding. She is a friend of Lee’s that hadn’t attended the wedding. She told me she loved how the relaxed atmosphere had been captured; although her wedding would be in a different type of setting than Michelle and Lee’s, she wanted to be left with same kind of memories from her wedding, in an informal style: being together with their families and their friends, everyone enjoying themselves and being happy. So when me and Rich met with Emma and Mike, this was their unique request. Just about finding my style at the time, I was beginning to see what people appreciate my photography for. This was one of the main things I wanted to capture at my weddings!

Emma and Mike were going to get married immediately after Christmas, on the 27th December 2014 and were looking forward to the Christmas decorations that Munstone House (Hereford) would have still up to give the day a special feel. They were hoping to have a cold, dry winter day with plenty of sun and that is exactly how it’s been! The rooms at Munstone House were filled with lovely light which, during the bride’s preparation, helped create the mood for these black and white photographs.

The groom, in exchange, got ready at home with his boys and groomsmen. They took their time and even stopped at their favourite pub for a pint before the ceremony. The Three Elms Pub in Hereford received them with open arms and was the perfect setting for a photographic session “a la James Bond” – the best way to show their tuxedos. Rich was with the boys that morning and was very much in his element photographing in a documentary style, with his favourite 35 mm lens. The moment they entered the pub brought another joy to his morning: there was a special kind of natural light that was coming in through the windows. He followed the light and got it everywhere it went, from the pints of beer to our very groom and his friends.

James Bond was the theme of the wedding and Emma got DIVA Weddings and Events to decorate everything in black and white. “La pièce de résistance” were the black chandeliers which I understood were out for their first time in an event organised by DIVA. One of the photos that I took of the top table has been chosen by them as their cover photo for the DIVA Wedding Magazine published in March 2015. The bridesmaids dresses followed the same theme and the cake you will also see in the photos has been made by Emma’s mum – it made her daughter very proud!

There is something that gets me each time I photograph a bride and her father coming down the aisle or just sharing a brief moment together during the day; you just see it in their eyes, those are moments that do not happen very often. I almost have to remind myself I am there to do a job and not to live the moment as if I was part of the story. At the same time though, it is what inspires me to want to be part of people’s important moments in life. To me the family connection and love are  a few of the best things in life!

I’ll now leave you to enjoy Emma and Mike’s day, including their most desired selfie with all their guests in:

Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0002Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0003Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0004Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0005Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0006Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0001Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0008

Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0009Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0010Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0011Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0012Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0013Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0014Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0015Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0007Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0016Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0017Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0018Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0019Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0020Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0021Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0022Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0023Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0024Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0025Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0026Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0027Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0028Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0029Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0030Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0031Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0032Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0033Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0034Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0035Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0036Emma and Mike - Munstone House_0037


Ceremony & Reception: Munstone House, Hereford
Wedding dress, veil and headpiece: Amore 
Shoes & Bridesmaids dresses: Debenhams 
Bride’s make-up: Airon Power from Urban Decay
Groom’s suit: Debenhams 
Boys’ suits & All men’s shoes: High Town Hire 
Flowers: Herefordshire Flower Studio 
Catering: Munstone House, Hereford
Cake: Emma’s mum
DJ: Wayne Harris 
Decor: DIVA Weddings and Events

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