Hereford Shirehall Wedding // Toni and Peter

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We recently photographed Toni and Peter’s wedding at the Shirehall in Hereford and discovered that it was an ideal venue for brides and grooms that would like to give their wedding a personal touch. From a Hereford wedding photographer’s point of view it was a great venue in which to hold a wedding reception. There was plenty of natural light beaming in from the large windows and an abundance of space. At the far end is a large stage which also lent us a strategic vantage point from which to take some candid shots of the first dance .

Talking about personalising your wedding day, Toni really pulled out all the stops to make it a very memorable event for everyone, especially for her groom, Peter. She hired Ric Machin, a caricaturist, to come and make portraits of their guests throughout the night, all of the cartoons then being put into an album that they will get to keep and cherish. What a lovely idea! Seeing the way Ric worked that evening left us very impressed. Massively skilled and modest at the same time, he was able to draw for hours on end, person after person and family after family. It takes him about 5 minutes per person and the results are unbelievable, as you will be able to see for yourselves! We would be happy to recommend him anytime.

Toni also commissioned Ric to draw a caricature of her and Peter prior to the day, which Ric framed and brought with him that night. And this was not the only surprise for the night. Separate to their wedding cake, she ordered a customised one for Peter: it was a fishing themed carrot cake, combining two of Peter’s biggest passions. Both cakes were made by a lovely young lady called Beth that we’ve come across a few times already at our weddings: she owns Beth Bakes Cakes and her wedding cake designs are always very original but clean and simple at the same time.

Toni and Pete asked us to photograph only some moments of their day, amongst which there was a bride and groom session on the Shirehall steps, which we did in the evening when the light was not so harsh. We will leave you now with the photos, wishing Toni and Peter a long and happy life together and to continue to surprise each other beautifully along the way!

Other credits go to:

The bride and groom and their families for all the decorations, concept and food
Gentlemen’s suits: Bill Child Formal Wear, Hereford
Flowers: The florist on the Corner, Ross on Wye

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If you would like to view all of the photos from Toni and Peter’s wedding please follow this link to their password protected gallery.

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