Kimberley and Dylan // Engagement shoot in Nairn, Scotland

Engaged couple holding hands on Nairn beach, Scotland

The story of our Nairn engagement shoot started one month ago when we announced  a trip to Scotland and the desire to find a real couple in love with the Highlands willing to let themselves be photographed by us in that magnificent place. The very first couple who responded were Kimberley and Dylan and we knew straight away they had a huge chance of being chosen. They not only loved Scotland very dearly but we could tell from their few lines how much they enjoy being with each other. There couldn’t be anything else that a photographer could ask for!

Here’s what they wrote: “We believe we capture all that is Scottish. We love nothing more than going hill walking, mountain biking and cosy nights by the fire with nothing but each other for company. There is so much to see and do in Scotland and the best part is everything you could ever want is free…… you can roam the land and think you have seen it all and then you stumble on a place you have never been. The landscape changes dramatically through the seasons. I love Scotland and am proud to call myself Scottish. I may not have been born here but my heart will always be in Scotland”

And there we were, up north, when we came upon the lovely quiet place of Nairn with its immense beach and very fine sand; we thought we would stop there for a day or two and invited Kimberley and Dylan over for their photo shoot. We had simply stunning light that evening on Scotland’s east coast and we discovered a couple just like we imagined they would be and more! We chatted about life’s simple pleasures, we shared experiences, we laughed, we synced with all there was: sky, sea, beach, wind. We stopped and felt it all – magnificent moments! That night we found two friends.

At the end of the session they told us they will get married next year and that they would really love us to be their wedding photographers, if we were available. They would have been ready to change their date for a different one of we had been booked that day. What a joy, we smiled all the rest of that evening and the week after, it was such good news! To be wedding photographers in Inverness… wow, we can’t wait!

This shoot was photographed entirely on film: Agfa Vista 200 and Fuji Velvia 100F, on Nikon F100 and Bronica ETRSi cameras. Enjoy!


If you would like to view all of the photos from Kimberley and Dylan’s engagement shoot please follow this link to their password protected gallery.

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