Lyde Court Herefordshire Wedding // Prita and Beshar

Belmont Abbey Hereford Wedding_0001

What a wonderful wedding Prita and Beshar had at Lyde Court in Hereford! They chose one of our favourite wedding venues in Herefordshire, which they decorated in a tasteful and clean style, complementing Lyde Court’s converted barn features and adding to its cosyness and relaxed feeling. The groom’s mother helped with the styling and brought in elements of both the Iranian and Indian cultures that the couple belonged to and Issy & Bella‘s flowers made it all look very pretty and lit up the barn in their lovely light colours. Issy & Bella impressed us yet again with her innovative ideas (see the massive “vases” by the top table) and her talent to create floral arrangements that not only match the theme but suit the venue as well.

Prita and Beshar are two people full of so much positive energy! From the moment we met them the enthusiasm they had for their wedding was plain to see. They let us into their world, sharing their plans and hopes for the day, giving us enough insight for us to pick up on the personal elements of the wedding and photograph it accordingly. It is a joy to get couples who are looking to have their wedding photographed with all its character, in a true and honest way!

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