There are plenty of aspects of a wedding day that may try and compete for your attention (and resources) but I will be honest: a wedding day can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. Take a day off, shut yourself away from all distractions, go to the beach if you wish, do whatever is needed to have the peace necessary to have a think about the future: What would really make you happy on your wedding day? But the question I urge you to ask yourself is even beyond that point:

30 years down the line, on a winter’s night, when you are comfortably sat in your living room surrounded by your children and maybe grandchildren and they ask you to tell them about your wedding day, what is it you’d like to be able to share with them? What will you be happy to have invested in?

Invest in the suppliers that will really make a difference to your day and choose wisely. Use recommendations, then trust those suppliers and give them full freedom to do their job the way they know best. With me, your investment in photography will be:


£1050 for a full day of coverage


I have no set start or end times for a wedding day, I will start early enough and finish late enough to capture the full story of your wedding day. Consultation meetings / calls / skype calls prior to the wedding day are included in the price, as well as a password protected online gallery and travel within 1.5 hours’ drive from Hereford. There is no limit on the number of photographs I deliver, it will very much depend on the length of your day, the number of guests and how many different moments happen during the day. For a typical full day I have so far delivered between 300-400 photographs. Quality will prevail over quantity. I will help you with the day’s schedule and timings to get the best results for your photography. Your images will be delivered in both high and low resolution on a bespoke USB stick and presentation box.

Hopefully you will have realised the importance of a wedding album, when you did the small imagination exercise above. Should you choose to get it done with the Folio Albums company from the UK, through me, please read below for details.

Wooden USB and presentation box


The FOLIO Album

I have seen and touched many wedding albums since I started doing photography. I was in search of a great quality product that would stand the test of time, classic and elegant with clean, simple design made by a company that cares about the environment and if possible, made in England. I am extremely happy to say that I have found that and more. They put effort into every tiny aspect, from where they source their materials to how the delivery is made to the client. They are called FOLIO Albums, based in Barnsley and produce the most beautiful albums we have ever seen (Click here to see how they are made).

I now work exclusively with them and hope to bring this great product into the homes of many of my clients. When you will hold one of these copies in your hands you will understand why.

The FOLIO album has the following specifications:

  • 30 spreads (= 60 pages)
  • Art White paper, wood based, 200 gsm
  • Cover options are Leather, Cotton or Silk – each coming in several options of colour
  • Bride and Groom’s names engraved or debossed on the front cover
  • The latest pigment-based archival ink is used to produce images with large colour gamut and fantastic clarity that lasts even along the crease
  • Pages lie flat and the crease is invisible
  • The album comes in a natural cotton bag and a craft cardboard box

For 2018, a 10×10″ is £480, going up to a 12×12″ album is £530 and a duplicate parent 6×6″ album is £150.

I always bring an album with me to the meetings so you can see and touch the paper and see the types of cover and quality for yourselves.