Rhulen Valley Rustic Marquee Wedding // Natalie and Thomas


We had wanted to be photographers for a rustic marquee wedding for a little while, especially since March when we launched this website under the new name and defined our style: natural, timeless, honest and outdoors(y) wedding photography. We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph such a wedding this year!

Natalie, our bride, was a bridesmaid at Emma and Mike’s wedding that we photographed at Munstone House around Christmas last year. Soon after the wedding she contacted us asking if we would consider photographing a rustic wedding in the beautiful Rhulen valley in Wales, with games and hampers, lots of good friends and coloured bunting. They liked how we’d captured the atmosphere of Emma and Mike’s day and they wanted the same kind of memories from their day. If we would consider?!? We would be very honoured, we answered! We were likeminded and this is what mattered the most.

Their day was about everyone enjoying themselves, relaxing and having fun. I liked their idea of having hampers straight away after their 1:30pm ceremony when everyone went up to the marquee. They chose food that was easy to grab and eat, whether you were sitting down or standing, which allowed for a very informal meal to be had with friends and family. As a result, everyone mingled and chatted and laughed and ate without impediments! Later on they had a barbecue that was very welcome by everyone, especially as they were going to get ready for a lot of dancing later on with the Ceilidh Band coming up. I must admit I had a go at one of the dances towards the end, I absolutely loved it! I love dancing a lot, it is one of my favourite things to do, but whenever it is about learning folk dances, that’s when it gets the most interesting! I believe there is something so special about a country’s cultural heritage and the folk music and folk dances of a country would give anyone a good feel the right spirit of that part of the world. Gaelic folk music is so lively and full of joy, you simply can’t not try it!

Guests wrote their thoughts and wishes for the couple on lovely handcrafted paper, they took plenty of photos at the improvised photo booth Nat and Tom arranged, played Games on the lawn, sat on the grass enjoying the beautiful views of Builth Wells on this fair wedding day, taking it all in and smiling at the sun! The light got absolutely glorious later on as lots of brief showers and stormy skies offered us a wonderful and dramatic light that you can see in the photos. The marquee had been hired from Burgoynes Marquees and it did a splendid job for the style of this wedding!

Possibly our favourite part of the day were the bride and groom photos we took on the top of the hill, as the evening was coming down with its warm and golden light. Nat and Tom both wanted their photos to show the magnificent area we were in, which they specifically chose for their wedding day for its character. This couldn’t suit us more, really. We were all up there, looking out into the valleys, all peaceful and happy to be the witnesses of such gorgeous natural display. Nature had invited us in to watch its colours and shapes from the heights of Rhulen and it was now embracing us, very welcoming, as always.



If you would like to view all of the photos from Natalie and Thomas’ wedding please follow this link to their password protected gallery

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