Tiffany and Grahame // Hereford Town Hall and MFA Bowl Wedding

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A friend of ours, Ben, recommended us to Tiff and Grahame as soon as he heard their wedding plans. Their day was meant to be very relaxed, informal, with family and close friends only and they wanted somebody to capture this exact spirit.

As both of them are quite good at making things, they did a lot of it themselves. A lot of work went into the whole process but didn’t they have the wedding they wanted! The cake was made by the bride herself using silhouettes to tell the story of their relationship together. It took about 17h to make and it nearly got remembered for flying out the window midway through the process 🙂 I know I will remember it as a very tasty one, just like homemade cakes should be! Another example is their guest drop box, which Grahame made by customizing and painting a frame from “The Range” and adding some small wooden hearts to make a great way to keep their wedding guests’ wishes on display forever. The bride did her own make-up and her bridesmaid did Tiff’s hair. Everything was attentively supervised by Tiff and Grahame’s two dogs Taz and Gini.

The first dance was a complete surprise for everyone. They had a medley of songs, all of which were extremely varied, and a few of them came with their own choreography. They executed it all so well, to everyone’s admiration and laughter; after a romantic “Somewhere over the rainbow”, the ukulele version, they moved on to the birdie song and from here on you can imagine nothing could stop them 🙂

Tiff and Grahame’s daughter, Izzy, was a joy to photograph and no trouble at all throughout the whole day. After her mum got ready and everyone was waiting for the arrival of the wedding chauffeur, she kept playing with the train of the wedding dress and provided us with great opportunity for photographs. A lot of the photos you will see have been photographed as things unfolded: the bride happened to hang the dress in the doorway, she also decided to pull up a chair and sit down in great light as they were waiting for the car to arrive, our favourite photo happened also as Grahame kissed Tiff on the forehead, which is how she likes Grahame to kiss her, and so on!

The ceremony took place at the superb Hereford Townhall and continued with a reception, party and bowling matches at MFA Bowl Hereford. The groom’s and groomsman’s suit were from Bill Child Formal Wear, a local Hereford family business. But most of all, we would really like to mention how valued they made me and Richard feel at their wedding. They treated us as if we were some of their close friends and their families have been equally welcoming! The groom had family coming all the way from Seaham, county Durham and I got to find out, on this occasion, how warm and friendly people from the north are 🙂

And now, let us leave you with the photos. Enjoy!

P.S. I am particularly proud of the photo above. It has been taken by Richard and no, the bride is not looking at him, she was posing for friends outside the wedding hall.

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Bride seen through glass in door in Black and White

To view the entire photography gallery for Tiffany and Grahame’s wedding in Hereford, go to this link and ask the bride and groom for the password 🙂


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