Woodland Bridal Photography Session // Queenswood Arboretum, Herefordshire

Woodland Bridal Shoot 042

Both Rich and I absolutely love woodland settings. They are raw and unspoilt, they are beautiful, natural, they are themselves and don’t pretend to be anything else! We have had a woodland bridal shoot in mind for a while and yesterday we made it happen, with the help of a handful of like-minded Herefordshire wedding suppliers. We would love to get to photograph woodland weddings in Herefordshire and anywhere else in the world!

Once we decided on the woodland / boho theme of the photographic session, we thought of inviting wedding suppliers that fitted the vision but that was not the only criteria; we wanted to collaborate with businesses that were in the wedding field for their passion, that were very good at their job, that cared about the end result of their work and put 100% into every service they provided. Our model Zhenya was a lovely lady that accepted to be part of the story we all put together. She was the most patient and accommodating model you can get and she put up with the cold without any complaints. I met Jo from Issy and Bella at the Munstone House Wedding Fayre recently and I immediately loved her natural style. She likes to say that flowers are best left to be flowers and that’s what she does in her bouquets, lets them be all natural as they are; she made the most lovely bouquet in the world, matching our woodlands themed photo session, without which our woodlands bride wouldn’t have looked the same! Anastassia, the make-up artist from Make-up by Anastasia is a lady that did the make-up for one of our first brides and we were impressed with her technique and knowledge of the products she was using. My husband Richard does all the editing for Cat Beardsley Photography and he found her make-up very easy to work with during the post-processing of the photographs. It was through her that we got to Gerli from Hair by Gerli , she was highly recommended by Anastassia. When I contacted her and explained what we had in mind she said: “I can do anything you want me to do!” and fitted so quickly with the plan. She was flexible and open to see what would best suit the dress and the model and executed the style perfectly: we had gorgeous free and wild hairstyle that added to the feel of the session. And last but not at all least, I thought about Elizabeth Terzza‘s contemporary jewellery and asked her if she wanted to join us. I met her about two years ago at a Christmas Fayre in Hereford and couldn’t stop admiring her nature inspired work! As soon as I saw the pine cone rings I thought: “that’s absolutely amazing”. I then shared with her my passion of collecting pine cones of all shapes and sizes and her work stayed in my mind ever since.

We would like to thank all the providers for their commitment to this woodland bridal portrait session. Everyone worked really hard; it was a well prepared portrait shoot and we hope to have shown this in our images. The weather forecast was not brilliant for the day but we went along with it anyway and we were blessed with a completely rainless session! Later on, in the car park, just before saying goodbye to everyone, the first drops appeared and came down quite quickly all of a sudden.

Model: Zhenya Pakas
Dress: 1970’s Vintage Bridal Dress
Make-up: Makeup by Anastasia
Hair: Hair by Gerli
Flowers: Issy & Bella
Jewellery: Elizabeth Terzza

Bride dressed in a 70

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