The Folio Album

I have seen and touched many wedding albums since I started doing photography. I was in search of a great quality product that would stand the test of time, classic and elegant with clean, simple design made by a company that cares about the environment and if possible, made in England. I am extremely happy to say that I have found that and more. They put effort into every tiny aspect, from where they source their materials to how the delivery is made to the client. They are called FOLIO Albums, based in Barnsley and produce the most beautiful albums we have ever seen (Click here to see how they are made).

I now work exclusively with them and hope to bring this great product into the homes of many of my clients. When you will hold one of these copies in your hands you will understand why.

The FOLIO album has the following specifications:

  • 30 spreads (= 60 pages)
  • Art White paper, wood based, 200 gsm
  • Cover options are Leather, Cotton or Silk – each coming in several options of colour
  • Bride and Groom’s names engraved or debossed on the front cover
  • The latest pigment-based archival ink is used to produce images with large colour gamut and fantastic clarity that lasts even along the crease
  • Average life span of the prints is 100 years
  • Pages lie flat and the crease is invisible
  • The album comes in a natural cotton bag and a craft cardboard box

I always bring an album with me to the meetings so you can see and touch the paper and see the types of cover and quality for yourselves.

Folio Albums